Places and People

When was the last time you went for a walk, or met someone for coffee to catch up on times gone by? Meeting your friends at a garden may be a great new venue for your social repertoire! Of course, not all public gardens are accessible by foot… Some are accessible only by sight. However subtle or substantial, your experiences can improve your mood today and may even last a lifetime.

How can you find a great public garden to visit? Here, we look forward to assembling a list of gardens in the US that you may want to experience. Some have an admissions fee – some are free. They are all good places to explore!

As we work to launch our garden directory, check with the visitors’ bureau in the area that you are interested in exploring. Larger more well established gardens tend to be easy to find. Don’t forget about the smaller, newer, and/or less funded gardens! Some of these spaces can truly be hidden gems!