Community Goals

The garden season is a wonderful time of year.  It is also wonderfully busy!  A time of new beginnings.  A time of renewal and new hope.  A time to cultivate our gardens! As I think about the future of public horticulture at the “macro” level, I am convinced there is sunshine in the forecast.  This[…]

The Public Garden + You

By: Dan Camenga I often think about the characteristics that make public gardens unique places. In extraordinary ways, public gardens deliberately celebrate humanities relationship to the natural world. The “people-plant” connection can truly be seen through the optics of a public garden. This reality is at the foundation of Garden Literacy’s message. As the founder[…]

What’s in a name?

By: Dan Camenga The difference between the definition of a park and a garden is not a question that reaches conscious thought for most people. If it does, it may not be perceived as an important question to consider. Is the difference just “in name” or is there a fundamental characteristic between parks and gardens[…]

Eklund Garden

By: Dan Camenga As I watch my children explore nature, I often think back to my own childhood and consider similarities between our experiences. My recent visit to Eklund Garden in Shelton, CT helped me recall some of those memories. One experience is reaching for the rays of colorful sunshine stretching through the trees, displaying[…]

Save the World

By: Dan Camenga Potential benefits afforded to us by public gardens are numerous. Sustainability. Family fun! Human expression. Space for personal reflection. Food security. Community cohesiveness and pride. Clean air. Clean water. Cultural awareness. Sense of place. Workforce skills development. Inspiration. Leadership development. Recovery support for people suffering from addiction issues. Wildlife habitat. STEAM (Science,[…]